ABOUT Domino: Battle of the Bones

In Domino: Battle of the Bones, Andy, a misfit ten-year-old white boy is sent to visit his new Black step-grandfather, Gerald, in Compton when his parents ditch him for a private Cabo vacation. Gerald wants nothing to do with the child until he discovers that Andy is a math whiz and master domino player, which is perfect, as Gerald has been training for the World Domino Championship just a few days away.

"If you can rock these bones, you could start a cult."
- Lou Beatty Jr. as "Gerald" in Domino: Battle of the Bones

Gerald is tired of being disgraced by his rival — the roller-skating, drug-fueled, neighborhood bully, Tenspeed, who demolishes Gerald every time they play. In their last game, Tenspeed won the wedding ring of Gerald’s deceased wife from Gerald, and now it’s the old man’s mission to get it back and reclaim his former domino glory.

Promotional movie still from Domino: Battle of the Bones.

With Andy’s help, Gerald will take on a colorful and just as dedicated collection of highly skilled domino opponents, who all believe that dominos is not merely a sport, but a way of life. Let the bones battle of a lifetime begin!

Domino: Battle of the Bones will be available for streaming soon!

About Domino: Battle of the Bones

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